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Has it been that long? Well, time just won't hold still...if only....

I may not be blogging but I'm still here..sorting out the many, many changes going on in my personal life. But before I go on with my life behind the lens, I want to share with you the newest addition to my product offerings. Some like their photos framed and some like theirs in stretched gallery art canvases...now how about we combine the two and we get the best of both worlds....

Hey, not too often we can get the best of both worlds huh? This is a 30 x 30 canvas framed in a sturdy, rich black wood....Now you can never go wrong and your friends will want to have one too.

Take a look...a woman becoming...beautiful inside and out...sweet, sweet young lady dabbled with some spice here and there...Danielle -- Class of 200x

I have been meaning to post this...but I just realized its 3am and I am still up..So I wanted to give you a preview of the wedding I did recently....I can't wait to show you some more...what a fantastic wedding :)

will share some more soon :)

Ok, here's I view my session with bigs girls and guys (mom, dad, woman, man...) I love to talk...to carry on a converation...I want that whoever is in front of me feels comfortable in front of my camera...because it is important to me that I bring out who they are. A photograph for me is not just a physical representation of a person...but rather a revelation of who that person is...what she looks like at the moment, what is she going through, her struggles, the things that makes her happy and how she expresses herself...its a peak into the different sides of a person....

In this photo session, we just talked and we had a great time....It took me a couple of minutes to do this so that she had no time to be conscious...and that I captured her in her own special and true way. For me, it was magical...

Collages for Gen:

I have ordered several canvases for my clients and I have a few myself -- and yet everytime I see a finished product, I am always at awe at how much more beautiful photographs on stretched gallery canvases are... I always feel like I want to touch them and they look so real that I want to start talking to them --ya I'm weird --haha---! Anyway, I am so excited and can't wait to hear back from Sonia once this arrives at her door :)

I remembered it was a very cold afternoon in SF that day we took the photos. But everybody worked hard and we got some nice shots --- I bet you can't tell they were cold? Wonderful family and Ester -- I just love talking to her.

She was one of those women who when you talk to, it would be dumb not to pick her brains out....her view of life and how things need to get done is nothing short of inspirational. She is very devoted to her community and to her family and I really admire that about her.

Great time with this family...they are so game, so cool and I just had a wonderful time with them! I have to say I was greeted by their big German Shepard, and I thought, oh sheezz..how am I going to do this? But let me tell you, I have never been so close to a german shepard before and by the time I left, I had thoughts of getting one for myself and my kids. The HU are an amazing family...As you can see from their photos, they are spontaneous, loving and beautiful...I hope they like their photos and their time making them :)

The beauty of taking Father Mike's photograph was like visiting one of God's best friends and having a one on one time with him. I went to see Pastor Fr. Michael Healy at St. Bartholomew Church in San Mateo. We walked inside the big beautiful church with its stained glass murals surrounding the walls of St. Bartholomew and took some pictures. From there, we walked to the side garden where we began our conversation. By the time we wrapped up our photo session, I had already shared a big part of my life. No, I don't spill my life's 411 every time I do a shoot...he was just one of those very few gifted people, who when you talk to, gives you 100% of his undivided attention and listens without fear of being judged. With his steady and caring tone, he bids me adieu with words of wisdom and comfort. I leave his presence with a secure feeling that it will all work out and everything will be fine...and most importantly, that I just had a one on one time with somebody really special...oh what an unforgettable experience!

I just love this picture...how awesome is it to get three generations in one image...in their own environment, watching them interact with so much love. Grandma, son and his two boys --laughing and sharing a moment together...

I miss my grandma.

This picture was taken in front of city hall -- to represent the city they love and work for....She, a commissioner and the son, a fireman for the city of San Francisco.

The culmination of months of rehearsals, cast members spending their Sundays reading monologues at the AP Gianini Auditorium in San Francisco, evenings cleared for individual coaching, selling tickets, soliciting ads for the VDiaries, attending a press conference, a courtwatch, and a workshop -- finally happened at the Herbst Theater last March 31, 2008 when Marily Mondejar gave her welcome speech at the opening of The Vagina Monologues Show, the first of 4 shows for FWN (Filipina Women's Network) this year.

I have done the monologues, both in the New York production in 2006 and in San Francisco last year. And yet last April 2nd, as I sat there in the audience for the first time, the monologues resonated in the theater walls and as if I was hearing it for the first time. The impact was strong and the message was clear: Stop the Violence Against Women and Girls.

I applaud the entire cast and crew of this year's production. You guys did a wonderful job! I am so proud of you!!!

Also, I just wanted to do a shout out to Florante Aguilar and Charmaine Clamor for the wonderful music and singing on the show...just fantastic.

Here are some photos from the show as well as photos from the After Party at Polengs:

After Party at Polengs: